Wayne’s distinctive style is especially evident in his colorful paintings. Identifying them as a “different Zone”, they are the most current results of his passion to create.

Starting out carving Tikis in 1967, Wayne’s artwork has morphed into an identifiable style that emanates from each piece he does, no matter the medium.

Wayne's last vision, Wayno, found in the small fiber palletes he was using to mix his highlight paints on the Tiki carvings unique figures, flowers, beads and beauties. As things evolved Wayne found ways to collage the random pieces into larger figures and evolved deeply into his painting in his unique style. Portfolio

His diligence, style, and creativity in the Art of Tiki has garnered him legendary status and respect worldwide, Wayne is credited by many, for this momentum and growth in Tiki carving and exposure, as being the designs that define the look of Tiki today.

Wayne's collection can be viewed on these pages. Contact Beki Coombs if an interested serious buyer.